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How to buy Focus-branded merchandise

Before you visit the approved online supplier of Focus-branded products, please read this first.

Introducing Zazzle

Focus has chosen an online retailer called Zazzle to allow Members to order Focus-branded merchandise, pay the supplier online and arrange delivery of their product(s) direct to their own homes.

Click here to visit the Focus Australia storefront on Zazzle. 

This process has been tested; the product quality is very good, although it does take a couple of weeks for individually embroidered items to be manufactured on-demand and then delivered.

When you buy Focus-branded merchandise, you are doing business directly with Zazzle, and not with Focus. Zazzle is responsible for the completion of your order. They do provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full return and refund service to cover any mishaps or mistakes on their part.

However, please ensure that you are comfortable with Zazzle’s terms & conditions and returns policies before placing any orders, since Focus is not responsible for any issues with orders. Any order related questions would need to be directed to Zazzle’s support as well.

How to order on Zazzle and get the best price?

The product prices can vary due to factors such as the product size, colours, materials and quantity selected.

We recommend members click on the actual product to view the product page – which will contain a more accurate price once the required size has been selected. Often this price will be around 10% cheaper than the prices listed on the initial list of products, especially for clothing items.

Add the product to the cart once you are happy with your selections and proceed to check out.  First-time Zazzle users will be required to open an account, supplying an email address and password, shipping/billing address and payment details (Paypal, Visa or Mastercard).

At checkout you will be offered various shipping options, from Standard (no tracking) to Express (with tracking), at varying costs.

Remember to keep an eye out for Zazzle promotions! Zazzle frequently run promotions which are shown on the top of the website (e.g. “20% off Mugs” or “10% off everything”) and these can help further reduce your order prices. Copy & paste any such promo code at checkout to automatically apply a further discount on your product purchase price.

Review your order at the final payment screen, and ensure that you are happy with your order including the selected sizes, products, shipping options before placing your order.

Does Focus profit from Zazzle?

Included within the final price of each branded item is a 5% commission for Focus. This is a compulsory feature of the Zazzle store set-up. Focus has no intention to profit directly from the Zazzle store. The commission is unlikely to be collected by Focus any time soon, due to the Zazzle payout thresholds.

Any funds that may be eventually accumulated will be redistributed via other benefits that Focus can provide its Members.

Ready to give Zazzle a try?

Click here to visit the Focus Australia storefront on Zazzle.

We hope that Focus Members will enjoy wearing and using Focus merchandise, to identify with, and be a part of the Focus community.

You can also suggest new products that are offered by Zazzle which you would like us to offer. Please feel free to ‘like’ and share this site with your other Focus friends!

Also feel free to provide any feedback you may have regarding your experience with Zazzle, by using the Contact page on this site.

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