Safety policy for Focus Seascape and Landscape

Focus Seascape and Landscape Photography Inc Safety Policy


This Safety Policy is designed to promote the safety of all members of the Focus Seascape and Landscape Photography Inc Group (Focus) and outlines the responsibilities of members and event leaders.

Focus regards safety as a joint responsibility of all who attend organized events. Members who participate in events accept that certain forms of photography inherently contain some element of personal risk.

All members are expected to comply with this policy and the directions of the event leader.

It is recognized that is not possible for event leaders to monitor all members at all times and as a consequence, members are responsible for ensuring they practice safe behaviors. For the purposes of this policy, a member is anyone who attends an event authorized by Focus.

Focus is all about enjoying photography – we all want to shoot together, enjoy our surroundings and return home safely with a great shot. This policy is being implemented to ensure the safety of members and promote a culture of safety within Focus

Any adverse event including reckless behavior or persons placing themselves or others at risk of injury that is reported to the Focus committee by a member or leader will be fully investigated as soon as practical and further action taken if considered warranted

Insurance Coverage

Whilst Focus currently holds a public liability insurance policy that covers trip leaders against third party claims, this coverage does not extend to injury or equipment damage or loss suffered by individual members who attend Focus meets. Members are responsible for their own losses, injuries and insurance coverage.

Safety Requirements for Focus Events

All members are expected to;

  • comply with the stated gear requirements for each event which includes;
    – appropriate footwear relevant to the specific shoot…spiked rockshoes or hiking boots
    – a functional torch/headlamp
    – appropriate clothing
  • comply fully with the safety instructions given by the event leader . Failure to do so will be noted and the member will accept responsibility for their own safety.
  • be familiar with the particular safety requirements of the events they attend. This information will be provided when the event is advertised on Flickr or Facebook or prior to the event by the leader.
  • alert the leader of any danger or dangerous behavior of other members that may occur as a result of changing conditions.
  • report to the Focus Committee any situation where they believe an event leader has acted in an unsafe manner.
  • support other members to adopt a culture of safety on trips.
    provide emergency contact number to the leader prior to a meet if required.
  • in the event of injury, expect the event leaders to exercise sound judgment and provide assistance as they are best able.

Members who do not comply with safety requirements maybe refused participation by the meet Leader

Event Leaders


All event leaders must be approved by the Trip Sub Committee.
Event leaders will be endorsed if they are proven to satisfy the following criteria:

  • they are experienced and skilled photographers.
  • possess/demonstrate leadership skills.
  • demonstrate a commitment to safety.
  • are able to exercise sound judgment in a group situation.
  • possess an in-depth knowledge of different shoot locations and conditions.
  • skilled at interpreting tide/swell and other weather conditions that may affect the safe conduct of an event.


Event Leaders will be responsible for;

  • reporting any safety concerns to the Trip Sub Committee.
  • determining and communicating the safety requirements for each event on the Flickr/Focus web pages.
  • delivering a safety briefing at the start of every event which will include known or potential risks.
  • checking that each member complies with the safety requirements of the meet.
  • taking into account the likely safety issues when selecting locations.
  • monitoring safety during an event and being aware of any changing conditions that may adversely impact safety.
  • cancelling shoots when conditions are too dangerous or determining a safer alternate location.
  • exercising sound judgment should a member injure or hurt themselves but are not expected to provide support beyond their capabilities.
  • delegating during a trip responsibilities to another member on the trip to ensure the orderly functioning of the event or in the case of emergency.
  • providing other additional safety equipment as they see fit or as required by the Trip Sub Committee.

Where possible, meets will maintain a ratio of one leader to every 10 members or as agreed by the Focus Trip Sub Committee.

This policy will be reviewed periodically and the feedback of the membership is both invited and encouraged.


Date of Effect August 2014

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